“il lavoro di Lilo riesce a conquistare lo sguardo, fa scoprire la città dall’alto perdendosi nei dettagli di colori e forme. Una mappa che va oltre l’utilità, ma che vuole cogliere un carattere peculiare di Milano: la città brulicante di vita, che cresce e crea.”

“Lilo’s work seem to seduce the eye, discovering a city from above by its colors and forms. A map trascending utility, which a specific character of Milan: a city swarming of life, which grow up and create”


Last week, as every years, in Milan took place the Milano Salone del Mobile exibition.

The city is crowded more than usual, the streets fill up with turists and foreign people. In this exciting contests lots of stands provide maps and city plan to help the turists to orientate around the centre. It was then when I casually find out and this interesting map. Its creator is named Lilo, a young artist who works with typewriter and inks to create amazing compositions. This unusual and creative choice allow herself to “recycle” an old instrument into something new, changing the pourpose but playing up its insite charme.

Lilo use her unusual tecnique to create little books, postcards and abstract geometric patterns. She also created a limited edition map of Milan: as every map it helps to go around the city, but above all it underlines the very most important momunent and urban areas with its graphic and different patterns.

This map mixes the porpouse of a classic one, to the creative design of colors, lines and types. The textures are inspired by the places they represent, also marking green areas and parks, distinguishing them from squares and houses.


Milan city map by Lilo, created with analogics tecnique.<br /> Print, 60x40

Milan city map by Lilo, created with analogics tecnique.
Print, 60×40

Detail of Milan city map by Lilo

Detail of Milan city map by Lilo

Lilo, MIlan city map The map exposition in the crowded city

The map exposition in the crowded city