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city maps and others all around the world

Category: Installation

Esther Kokmeijer. Relation between humans and Nature

Esther Kokmeijer explores quantifiable positions related to geographic coordination systems, climatic phenomena and politically vs topological borders.

Fabio Morais. His work on Ocean and Sea’s hue

Elegance. Fabio Morais can talk though his work with simplicity and few objects, the ones he needs and no more, Such as in his work on oceans ans seas’ maps

Guillermo Kuitca. Maps between private and public

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Guillermo Kuitca began working on installations based on typographies, geographical maps and architectural plans.

Mona Hatoum. About boundaries and war

Mona Hatoum’s life deeply influenced her art, because she can’t return to her country because of the war. She talks about it through her installations.

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