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city maps and others all around the world

Category: Drawings

Emilio Isgrò. Passion in erasing everything, even maps

Emilio Isgrò, during decades, cancelled texts using white or black thick strokes. Maps are the only graphic-illustrated surface he erased during his career.

Jitesh Patel. City Map Drawing’s personal project

City Map Drawing is a personal project Jitesh Patel has been developing, taking day trips to Europe and Drawing maps of the cities.

Emma McNally. Graphite’s chart of constellation

Emma McNally creates cartographic patterns that explore the space between virtual and real, mapping rhythms of the world in layers of graphite

Oliver Jeffers. “One city, Five Hours”

Oliver Jeffers’ good at summing up the most important spot of a city with simplicity and irony; at the same time he catch in a map its mood and atmosphere.

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