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city maps and others all around the world

Category: Collage

Shannon Rankin. Clear composition made with maps

Shannon Rankin turns the maps upside down: her landscape is created with simple geometrical compositions, symmetry and equilibrium.

Stefana McClure. Japanese technique to create maps

Stefana McClure’s two serie of map-art works are Map of the World and Flat Globe. It’s interesting how this artist change each of these language.

Mark Bradford. Stratified colors composing “social topography”

Mark Bradford glues numerous layers of paper and partially excavates sections by cutting and sanding into the stratum below. Here some exposition of his.

Michael Gambino. Butterflies between science and art

The works of Michael Gambino are populated with rarefied three dimensional clusters of paper butterflies, patiently cut by hand and fastened to the canvas.

Fabio Morais. His work on Ocean and Sea’s hue

Elegance. Fabio Morais can talk though his work with simplicity and few objects, the ones he needs and no more, Such as in his work on oceans ans seas’ maps

Guillermo Kuitca. Maps between private and public

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Guillermo Kuitca began working on installations based on typographies, geographical maps and architectural plans.

Diane Savona. Maps explaining culture’s meeting

Diane Savona says that maps are usually adopted to demonstrate position, location….but they can be used to hold stories and feelings about a place.

Emma Johnson. Shapes and secret messages hidden in maps collages

In a map all the places become the same. In her cut-maps Emma Johnson tries instead to represent a place hiding in it some characteristic of the spot itself

Layla Curtis. A new, hybrid map for a different point of view

“United Kingdom” by Layla Curtis. She tries to demonstrates the artificiality of political boundaries and the national identities created by them.

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